CAM KẾT 100% CHÍNH HÃNGnguồn gốc, xuất xứ sản phẩm rõ ràng ĐÓNG GÓI CẨN THẬNđảm bảo độ an toàn cho sản phẩm XEM HÀNG TRƯỚC KHI NHẬNquyền lợi tối đa cho khách hàng
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100% real human Vietnamese & Cambodian Hair
Thin, strong, silky, smooth
100% Remy hair (never tangled, the same direction)
The hair are Not tangled
100% Remy hair (never tangled, the same direction)
100% natural hair (have the full cuticle, no processed)
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♨Strong Hair
💯Not tangled
💯No lice
💌Contact me for details
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Double drawn hair cheap price is natural  Vietnamese hair but it is full end more than single drawn hair and it is of course lower quality than Ponytail hair extensions. Amount of short hair size is few and size of each fiber is not much different.

Double cheap human vietnam hair

For example: 1 bundle (100gram) of 55 cm, there is not 15-20 cm short hair inside, and the rate length from 30cm-40 cm is fewer than 55 cm length.
Double cheap human vietnam hair

It is cheap human hair as many kind of hair textures were made into 1 hair bundle but it is 100% human hair(no synthetic, no animal hair)

Double cheap human vietnam hair company have a large loyal customers system all over the world: Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Rusia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, United State, Germany and so on. We are searching and trading with more and more customers around the world. In addition, also constantly learn and improve the quality of Vietnam human hair products in order to meet increasing customers’ requirements. Moreover, in the recent, wholesale hair vendor is able to provide customers with the various type of product.

Double cheap human vietnam hair

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